The Beautiful Island of Maui take A Step to Change The World

Lavish CEO Ms. Jobyna Beth & Mr. Kaleem Shahzad took a step to end Child labor in Pakistan and to end every type of slavery. Lavish is sponsoring HLF-Generation of Peacemakers in Pakistan. HLF-Generation of Peacemakers is a Social Organization under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. HLF is working for the peace revolution, development of [...]

I am Beautiful

  There was once a King who lived in the most beautiful castle high on a hill. He was on the search to find out what "true beauty" was. So he had a ball and invited all of the most beautiful woman of the land,and they came in there splendor,gorgeous attire,and wearing the finest gems and diamonds. The King danced and talked to everyone of them b[...]